Growth Matrix Services

Growth Strategy

Are you trying to take your business to new levels by expanding into new markets, wanting to optimize the way you operate as an organization, or hesitant to step forward with planned initiatives due to turbulent current events?

Growth Matrix will work with you to create a strategy to help you achieve your growth goals. By evaluating your situation, helping you clearly define what you want to achieve in the future, Growth Matrix will help you map out a strategic plan that will cut through the complexity of your circumstances and provide a clear path to success.

Implementation Support

For over three decades,  Patrick O’Meara has led and participated in transformation initiatives across HR, IT, Finance and Operations at a global scale for some of the largest most complex corporations.

Once your strategic plan is in place, Growth Matrix will leverage its expert team network and come along side your organization with implementation support to help you achieve your goals.

Patrick O’Meara also has significant supplier negotiation expertise and can help set up the best commercial terms with your suppliers, as well as help you steward your supplier relationships over the course of your implementation journey.

Culture Development

Culture development within businesses, large and small, is continuing to be a key topic of discussion by senior leaders and employees alike.  As market pressures and increasing competition for talent continue to be on the rise globally, there is a greater realization that in order to expand your brand, optimize productivity, and bring employee attrition down, cultures need to drive out toxic behavior and embrace a climate that promotes performance, creativity, trust, inclusion, transparency, and authenticity.

Growth Matrix supports healthy culture development by working with senior leaders to identify what part of their culture is working well and what part of their culture is unproductive and potentially toxic. In helping to create a strategy to address the culture priorities, Growth Matrix will help create a roadmap and provide implementation support to guide businesses into a more healthy and productive culture.

Leadership Development and Alignment

Leaders and leadership teams are being challenged with far more than exceeding the metrics of their business goals.  Today, an effective leader must understand how technology will impact their area of leadership today and into the future, have a greater awareness of the personal and professional needs of their team members, implement a performance management strategy that keeps employees aligned with the ever-changing business needs of the company, and cultivate a healthy culture that drives results and fosters a creative environment.

Growth Matrix provides one on one coaching and team alignment support to help leaders chart a path forward to address these critical needs in the market.