Your Potential

Helping individuals and companies realize and achieve their potential


Your Potential

Helping individuals and companies realize and achieve their potential

Transformation Services

Growth Strategy

Are you trying to take your business to new levels by expanding into new markets, wanting to optimize the way you operate as an organization, or hesitant to step forward with planned initiatives due to turbulent current events?

Implementation Support

For over three decades, Patrick O’Meara has led and participated in transformation initiatives across HR, IT, Finance and Operations at a global scale for some of the largest most complex corporations.

Culture Development

Culture development within businesses, large and small, is continuing to be a key topic of discussion by senior leaders and employees alike.

Leadership Development and Alignment

Leaders and leadership teams are being challenged with far more than exceeding the metrics of their business goals.

Transformation Consulting

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“Patrick O’Meara”

— Executive Coach

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Patrick’s Latest Book

How They Made It


Keynote Speaker

Known globally for his expertise and perspective, Patrick O’Meara is a captivating keynote speaker who blends real-world insights with motivational narratives. With a dynamic presence, he empowers diverse audiences, from corporate teams to business conferences and educational gatherings, leaving a lasting impact. Patrick’s talks inspire transformation, urging individuals and organizations to reach their full potential and embrace change.

With his new book, “How They Made It- Secrets From Successful Entrepreneurs That You’ve Never Heard of (But Should)”, O’Meara walks you through the journeys of how five entrepreneurs became successful. Included in his book is the 21-WORD GROWTH CHALLENGE. O’Meara challenges you to embrace 21 plumb lines of thought and insight that will enhance your leadership’s impact.

In bringing O’Meara to speak at your event, he will give you fresh perspectives on how important it is to value your identity and bring your unique contribution to the market place to support an explosive renaissance that he believes is coming to small and medium sized businesses around the world.

Welcome to ‘Growth Matrix,’ the podcast hosted by Patrick O’Meara. Join us as we dive into the dynamic world of personal and professional growth, unveiling the strategies, insights, and stories that form the foundation of success. From innovative business approaches to transformative self-development techniques, each episode is a step towards unlocking your full potential. Tune in to ‘Growth Matrix’ and embark on a journey of discovery, learning, and empowerment. Let’s navigate the path to growth, together.

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Growth Matrix

Growth Matrix

Market Value 

The Companies We Serve 

Barriers to Change

Market Shifting and Business Transformation

Business in Today’s World

How They Made It

How they Made It

Key Themes

The Five Entrepreneurs

21-Word Growth Challenge

Value to the Marketplace

Team Building

Experience the power of effective team building alongside Patrick O’Meara. With his guidance, teams discover the art of collaboration, communication, and cohesion. Through engaging activities and tailored strategies, Patrick fosters a united team spirit that translates to improved productivity and a more harmonious work environment. Elevate your team dynamics under Patrick’s expert direction and unlock the full potential of your collective strength.


Partner with Patrick O’Meara for transformative consulting that drives results. With a keen understanding of leadership, growth, and strategic thinking, Patrick offers personalized guidance to enhance your business or personal journey. Through collaborative sessions, you’ll tap into his wealth of experience, gaining actionable insights that propel you towards success. Trust Patrick to navigate challenges, optimize opportunities, and pave the way for meaningful progress.